PetAlert Special Series Medals

Additional safety for your pet.
The possibility of being contacted more quickly in case of disappearance.

The advantages of TRAKOO intelligent medals

Anyone who finds an animal with a TRAKOO medal can contact the owner directly. She also has access to a health card (allergies, medicines, food).

3 means of contact: a QR code, an RFIC chip, a permanent link
The possibility to update your information at any time: insert up to 5 different contacts!
Interface available in 8 languages
Ultra-light medal (between 7 and 9 grams)
Composition resistant to shocks and scratches, guaranteeing a significant longevity of the medal
Technical support included

Even if your pet is not an confirmed or casual runaway, it can once escape your alertness. Give yourself all the means to find it quickly! With TRAKOO medals, anyone who finds it can contact you directly. No need to go through a police station or a veterinarian to identify its owner.

The TRAKOO special series PetAlert medals are available in 2 sizes:

  • 27mm for cats, puppies and small dogs
  • 30mm for medium and large dogs.


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